Introducing Digital Eyes™

This innovative inspection platform makes scheduling, conducting, and submitting high quality property inspections much easier and more efficient than existing high-touch, ad-hoc, and manual processes.

Smart Inspection Technology​

The Digital Eyes Platform standardizes multiformat data collection to improve inspection quality and reduces underwriting and claims cycle times.

Custom Inspection Templates

Coordinate inspection workflow and granularity with your specific underwriting and claims requirements

Enterprise Platform Integration

API integrations with the leading insurance platforms for real-time, automated data exchange, with no disruption to your established workflows

Standardized Data Gathering

Simplify data collection, save time, improve data quality, and enable powerful analytics

Elastic Analysis and Reporting

Real-time task and KPI tracking provide critical business intelligence required to increase sales, accelerate support, and maximize customer satisfaction

Secure Data Transfer and Storage

End-to-end encryption of data, in transit and at rest, with multilayered security protocals

Verified and Trusted Data

Location verification and encrypted metadata facilitate fraud prevention and maximize confidence in your downstream forensics

Fully Integrated Solutions For All Situations
Three unified inspection modes
  • Field Mode
  • Assisted Mode
  • Self Mode
Field Mode
Facilitates and expedites photo and document submission for agents in the field

Assisted Mode
Allows agents and adjustors to assist Insureds to complete the required inspection
Self Mode
Empowers the Insured to complete efficient DIY inspections
White Label Available for
all 3 Modes
Customizable platform allows branding with your company colors, fonts and logo

Fully Integrated Solutions For All Modes

Three unified inspection modes
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Global Expertise

The Digital Eyes Platform leverages decades of global P&C Insurance experience with Elevondata’s deep digital technology expertise to solve the biggest pain points in the P&C Insurance industry.

Elevondata offers scalable proprietary frameworks for multiple industry verticals that simplify your workflows and minimize time-to-solution.

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